October 31, 2008

Bill Bennett: "Wrong and ugly"

Greg Laden has a little clip from CNN's Situation Room, wherein host Wolf Blitzer asks former Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile whether North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan "made a mistake" in attending a fundraiser hosted by this outfit:
You know, Wolf, there are a lot of believers — I'm one of 'em — and there are people who just don't believe in the existence of a god. I don't know why because clearly there's strong evidence that there's a god. But I believe that you serve all the people, not just those who profess to have faith but those with little or no faith. That's how you convert 'em.
Uh huh. "Clearly." Sure there is. If there was, then Donna Brazile wouldn't need to rely instead on this "faith" she's talking about.

Meanwhile that gigantic sanctimonious buffoon Bill Bennett claims Republican Elizabeth Dole's teevee ad, which suggests that Hagan is an atheist, is comparable to the guilt by association tactics the Palin-McCain campaign has been deploying against Barack Obama.

Except those suggested associations are with terrorists who murder people in cold blood, and Bill Bennett is too clueless to realize he's just devised his own even more absurd guilt by association fallacy.

Nice work, genius.

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