August 18, 2008

Scalia assists in lesbian impregnation

Via Prof. Friedman:
The California Supreme Court held unanimously that a medical clinic's physicians are prohibited from discriminating against patients on the basis of sexual orientation.

Two clinic physicians refused, on religious grounds, to perform intrauterine insemination for an unmarried lesbian patient. The court held that under the 1st Amendment, no religious exemption is mandated because the [California] Unruh Civil Rights Act is a neutral law of general application.
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia formulated that rule.


Prosqtor said...

So? Isn't this an exhibit in the case that Scalia is NOT political in his decision-making, and instead bases decisions on the law?

illusory tenant said...

Huh? Who said he was and/or doesn't?

I'm happy Scalia helped impregnate a lesbian.

Mpeterson said...

Whew. Finally!

Tom Lehrer said that political satire became irrelevant after Henry Kissenger won the Nobel Peace Prize... but now I'm not so sure.

Maybe it's our last defense?


AutismNewsBeat said...

Does that mean Scalia is an activist judge who makes the law instead of upholding it?

Jay Bullock said...

So ... Nino Scalia = David Crosby?