August 2, 2008

Law review hijacked by Bibliolaters

Here's an amusing item about the North Dakota Law Review's wholesale surrendering to anti-gay activists.
I flipped open to some random page not far from the middle of the latest NDLRev, to page 1307, and here's what I got:
"First, God ordained heterosexual marriage from the beginning of human history."
Interesting. No footnote for that sentence. "... from the beginning of human history." I have to wonder which "human history" the author is writing about. Is it the human history of the Native American oral tradition? Is it the human history of the Koran? No. It is, the writer tells us, the human history of the Bible. He cites as authority Genesis 2:24, I Kings 11:3 and, of course, Deuteronomy 24:1. I wish he could have cited something from Leviticus. I love Leviticus. You can never get enough Leviticus. For the evangelical Christian, the author also notes Matthew 19:3-18.
The author being a scholar at Pat Robertson's Regent University, the institution from whence sprang Monica Goodling.

Another author compares himself and his anti-gay crusade to somebody warning Jews in advance about the Holocaust.

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