August 2, 2008

Gableman's new role

My new role as I perceive it is going to be to ... treat everyone I encounter with respect. — Michael Gableman
Michael Gableman, in his old role:
Louis Butler worked to put criminals on the street. Like Reuben Lee Mitchell, who raped an 11-year-old girl with learning disabilities. Butler found a loophole. Mitchell went on to molest another child. Can Wisconsin families feel safe with Louis Butler on the Supreme Court?
Now that's some brazen dishonesty you can be proud of.

"Gableman said he hopes to meet with public defenders at their conference in October." Actually it's in September, but I wonder what he'll have to say about the role of the public defender then.

Maybe he would be wiser to attend it in October.

1 comment:

capper said...

Well, it could be that Gableman just wants to try new things.

Either that or he just doesn't consider private citizens (or voters) to be people unless they make a minimum of half a million dollars.