August 30, 2008

Palin "extremely disappointed" with McCain judges

The Legal Times's U.S. Supreme Court correspondent Tony Mauro notes that Sarah Palin harshly criticized John McCain's favorite conservative judges after they "gutted" an Anchorage, Alaska jury's punitive damages award in June.

Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Justices Scalia and Thomas, joined the former Republican Attorney General from New Hampshire and George H.W. Bush appointee Justice David Souter in slashing the award against Exxon Shipping Co. by 90%.

In an unprecedented arrogation by black-robed judicial tyrants, the conservative favorites, who hail from such elitist East Coast establishments as Harvard and Yale, legislated directly from the bench by declaring new rules of maritime law in flagrant disregard for affirmative evidence that the people's elected representatives in Congress had deliberately chosen not to restrict similar jury awards.

Palin would have been better satisfied by the three dissenters, Justices Stevens, Breyer, and Ginsburg, who "tweaked" McCain's conservative favorites for failing to exercise "judicial restraint."

McCain, on the other hand, peevishly informed a New Age, Left Coast megapreacher recently that he never would have nominated any of the dissenting Justices to the Court in the first place, in spite of his Senate votes to confirm the appointments of the latter two.

(Justice Stevens was named to the Court by yet another Republican president in 1975, several years before John McCain had the opportunity to register his enthusiastic advice and consent.)

McCain's remaining favorite, Justice Samuel Alito, was forced to abstain from the decision because he owns too much stock in Exxon.

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