August 14, 2008

Of Corsi cant

Via The Motley Cow:

Too crazy for even the deranged and the demented.

eta: Via gnarlytrombone:

9/11 "truther" nuttiness.

Jerome Corsi: The new right-wing hero.


Anonymous said...


Does this signal an approaching nexus between Kevin Barrett and the SE-WI Konservative Koffee Klatch? Be still my heart.

Anonymous said...

Har de frickin' har:

A reporter tried to ask McCain about a new anti-Obama book, to which McCain responded cryptically ”gotta keep your sense of humor.” McCain staffer Brooke Buchanan then stretched her arms in front of her boss, saying “we’re not doing that,” and escorted reporters to the door.

Hey, John, what's up with yer wife's....

Anonymous said...

...and note the joke contained within:

“You’re looking trim," Pickens told McCain as they engaged in some small talk. Pickens mentioned yesterday’s Census article in a newspaper about how non-Hispanic whites would no longer be the majority in 2042.

“You and I won't have to worry about that,” Pickens said jokingly, referring to the age of the two men.

Said jokingly. Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here. This is what is referred to in journalistic circles as style.

Mpeterson said...

Just had to give a shout out for School House Rock!

Maybe we need to post that "I'm just a bill" video for the occasional neo-con who drops through.