August 12, 2008

Glenn Beck meets Joe Buck

Jon Voigt, who helped Hollywood make gay male hustlers respectable 40 years ago and has since done a star turn as Pope J2P2, seems to believe Barack Obama is a "Marxist" bent on destroying America. Indeed, destroying the very foundations this country is built upon.

He found an unsurprisingly sympathetic ear in the endlessly moronic CNN doofus Glenn Beck this evening. Evidently some of Voigt's erstwhile theatrical colleagues have objected to an op-ed piece Voigt managed to get published somewhere, and Beck characterized the reaction as "reverse-McCarthyism" perpetrated by all of Obama's fellow Marxists down in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

For example, the late teevee mogul Aaron Spelling, who was so pleasingly entranced by Das Kapital Vols. I-III and the October Revolution that he built his own personal nine-bazillion-square-foot monument to the ideal propertyless society.

(The Spelling dacha is reportedly on the block for $150 million.)

Jon Voigt said American university professors are all disciples of Ho Chi Minh and Glenn Beck compared Voigt to Benjamin Franklin.

I'd like to think the latter reference had to do with Voigt being struck on the head by a bolt of lightning somewhere between gay male hustler and pontiff, but I'm afraid Glenn Beck was completely serious.

Beck's show is often better than Comedy Central.*

* Which isn't saying much if you've ever seen Carlos Mencia.

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