August 19, 2008

Donohue's homo bookmarking

Wild Bill Donohue, the irascible fruitcake head of something called the Catholic League, is upset that a website "with homosexual tendencies" has been awarded media credentials to report from next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver.

So he's demanding that Leah Daughtry, who's running the convention, dump the blogger.

Why? Because the site's proprietor wrote a blog post citing a report in the Manchester Guardian that Joseph Ratzinger is the first pope in 40 years to dress himself up in ermine-trimmed robes and hats, complete with what seems to me some entirely fair commentary comparing Ratzinger's fur bearing proclivities with several of his other infallible policy positions.

Also, because it "shows men in jockstraps and underwear" (although, mercifully, Joseph Ratzinger is not among those, ermine-trimmed or otherwise). But so do store catalogs, don't they?

What the heck is Wild Bill Donohue doing trolling around on gay websites, is what I'd like to know. Shopping for underwear?

Here it is.


RootsWire said...

I had to smile when I read this the other day. We're running an aggregation site that is carrying information from the different bloggers at the convention. We seem to have the honor of carrying the blogs of most of the sites that Donohue objected to. So - if you want to see the full range of different viewpoints on the convention in one place, please come visit us at next week.

Other Side said...

Wild Bill, indeed! More than I needed to know.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks, RootsWire.

Dem Convention Bloggers.

Display Name said...

Yet Boots and Sabers gets blogger credentials for the Republican convention. Go figure!

illusory tenant said...

Big tent, wide stance.

Display Name said...

Big feet, big boots.

capper said...

How are the Repubs gonna fit all them boots in one bathroom stall?