April 1, 2011

Justice Prosser seals the deal

Obtains coveted Sarah Palin endorsement

If only she could have been prevented, for Justice Prosser's sake.

By the way here's some prior, unfollowed* advice for Justice Prosser. Why Justice Prosser's campaign manager, Brian Nemoir, wasn't forcefully admonished and summarily dismissed remains a complete mystery to me, to this day, nearly four months after the fact. That wing-nut Waukesha County schtick doesn't play Statewide, ya know.

And it just might cost Justice Prosser (and WMC) the bench.

So I guess you could say Palin paid him a complement.

* And unsolicited, obviously.


Mike said...

This is great news! For (John McCain) Justice Prosser!

Pyrrho said...

As a big fan of Justice Prosser's, I must say that I completely agree with you. He made an enormous mistake by not firing his campaign manager as soon as that press release came out. Maybe Sarah Palin can now refudiate it for him.

illusory tenant said...

For the record I'm a fan of Justice Prosser's as well, although not a fan of a couple of things that have emerged during this election.

Pyrrho said...

I think some of the things that have emerged during this campaign would make even his biggest fan cringe.

Anonymous said...

if prosser was really disturbed by what his campaign manager did, he wouldn't continue to do things like have gableman fill in for him at a candidate forum at the Sarah Chudnow Campus. i read gableman said that kloppenburg "put an 82 year old man with a heart condition in jail." does the code of judicial ethics cover this sort of thing?

illusory tenant said...

"i read gableman said that kloppenburg 'put an 82 year old man with a heart condition in jail.'"

Funny because I thought the right's mantra was that Kloppenburg had never been a sentencing judge. And anyway, maybe the treatment was better in jail than with his private insurance company.

"the code of judicial ethics"

I think you just answered your own question.

illusory tenant said...

Would be funny if Gableman was repeating that.