April 3, 2011

Lying for Justice Prosser: Guess who

Prosser = Walker, for Walker/Prosser operative

Chris Liebenthal connects the dots:
On top of being affiliated with AFP, CSA and Campaign Now, John Connors was also an intern for then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and for the gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, all the while balancing his school career and being a senator at Marquette University.
Read the whole thing.* I recall Justice Prosser making rather a large fuss when an adverse third party ran a teevee ad attacking him over sexual assault allegations he prosecuted — or didn't prosecute, as it turns out — when he was the Outagamie County DA in the 70s. In a debate at Marquette University Law School, Prosser made a grand show of demanding his opponent, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, condemn the ad. Wonder if he'll condemn this one.

They say electing justices was a good idea ... in 1848.

By the way none other than Journal Communications, Inc.'s Patrick McIlheran, who won an award from Americans For Prosperity for his faithful pursuit of the Truth, has been pushing this utter rubbish. Evidently journalistic ethics have gone the way of judicial ethics.

* And the links.

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