April 2, 2011

We are Fair and Balanced

We show all sides here:
The real elephant in the room is that Kloppenburg wouldn't have had a prayer in this race had it not been for the apoplectic fit of the left over public union collective bargaining. The severity of this self-interest seizure has enabled an air-head to go from zero to competitive in a matter of a couple weeks. So spare us the nonsense of her judicial superiority — her recent prominence is achieved strictly by partisan zeal and has nothing to do with her personal accomplishment.
He overstates the case by an undeservedly insulting degree but you got to admit, dude's got a point about the apoplexy driving turnout.

However apoplexy is not the word I'd choose. The evidence* presented in Dane County Circuit Court recently demonstrates that the gang of Republicans in charge of the political branches of State government broke the law. If it is apoplexy, it's entirely justified.

* And that would be uncontroverted evidence, as Judge Maryann Sumi had to patiently and graciously explain to the assistant AG yesterday.


Mike said...

Or as Prosser said more succinctly, he is the victim of a drive-by shooting. The anti-Walker movement gets 100% of the credit for her viability by common consent. He beat her by, what, 55% - 25% in the primary. So if you lose, no big deal, it's expected; but if you win, it creates shock waves. Beautiful.

illusory tenant said...

Well I think it's fair to hand Kloppenburg the aggregate vote from the primary, which she split three ways with what from all appearances were philosophical fellow travelers. So 55-45. Still, a fair bit to make up.