September 14, 2009

District Attorney is "used to it"

Used to local radio buffoon Charlie Sykes making shit up, that is:
Charlie Sykes, like many of his contemporaries in the talk radio business, has again ignored facts to promote his views.

During his broadcast Sept. 10, Sykes was discussing the tragic death of UWM student Nathan Potter, allegedly shot and killed by Seandell Jackson. He pointed out that Jackson was arrested in Sheboygan for carrying a concealed weapon and received a three-day jail sentence, which is true.

But he described that concealed weapon as an "illegal handgun" and implied that if Sheboygan knew what it was doing, Jackson would have gotten a longer sentence and might not have been free to commit the homicide.

The "concealed weapon" was a pocket folding knife, not a handgun, and I doubt that Jackson would have even been arrested in Milwaukee County, much less charged, convicted and sentenced to jail.*

I guess the truth doesn't make for good talk show garbage. But we should all be used to that by now.

Joe DeCecco
District Attorney
Sheboygan County
Yes, counsel, we are.

h/t Whallah!

* Burn!

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xoff said...

Of course, if it were up to Sykes & Co. there would be no law against carrying concealed weapons, including handguns, so there would have been no arrest at all.