September 29, 2009

Not everything is on teh internets

A comments thread at Cory Liebmann's blog, Eye On Wisconsin:

Aaron Rodriguez: [Milwaukee County Executive and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott] Walker's budget proposals start with a 0% tax levy increase.

Liebmann: His proposed budget in 2003 called for a property tax levy of over $218M. Today he added nearly $40M (over 18%) to that number.

Rodriguez: How about providing a source? Until you can provide a link, your opinion* is just an opinion.

Liebmann: I already provided the sources: Walker's proposed 2003 and 2010 budgets. Those are not online. Do what I did and go to the courthouse and pay for them.

[crickets chirping]

* First time I ever heard numbers called "an opinion." In my personal opinion, Prince Fielder is batting .297 with 43 HRs and 137 RBIs.

Ambiguous baseball trivia: Prince Fielder was born in Ontario.

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