September 16, 2009

Wingnuts can beat up black kids, if need be

Some Midwestern teabaggers ride the D.C. Metro, encounter a threatening cadre of thugs (technically, thugs), and steel themselves for the inevitable RaHoWa:
The reality* was they were still wannabes really, pretty young, not that big, or many. And if the several adults there for 9/12 actually needed to do something about it, the kids wouldn't have lasted very long.
How do we know this is all Obama's fault? Because a commenter, whose real name is apparently the decidedly non-ghetto "Richard McEnroe," complains that Obama is "setting back race relations a century" — while using the pseudonym "Chlamydia Shabazz X."

Perhaps three centuries would be preferable to Mr. McEnroe.

h/t Sadly, No!

* Your mileage may vary.

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Display Name said...

Of course they were thugs! Because "one or two of them talking loudly enough to make sure they'd be heard"! Completely different than the 9/12 protesters.