September 21, 2009

Meet your tea ceremonialists

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made an anti-government presentation to the two million anti-government protesters who gathered in the city's Veteran's Park on Saturday afternoon.

But today he wants the government to seize and archive little pieces of the personal bodies of arrestees, not only prior to their conviction, but prior to their having been formally charged with anything:
Clarke said he has spoken to several Milwaukee-area legislators about the proposal and hopes they will join him at a news conference to discuss it Monday afternoon.

I understand it might make intuitive sense, but it makes something of a mockery of the Fourth Amendment, does it not? I mean, not every misdemeanor suspect is just assumed to be a serial rapist.

According to a couple of other elected government officials who are proposing related State legislation, the initiative got dreamed up because the Wisconsin Department of Corrections failed over many years to collect 12,000 DNA samples from convicted felons.

Now they are telling us that the proposed samples will be expunged from the archives if no conviction is obtained against the person whose body parts were seized. Mr. Liebenthal has their press release.

In conclusion: Because you cannot count on the government to adequately administer a DNA sampling regime against convicted felons, therefore you can trust it to competently regulate and administer the seized biological material of innocent persons.

Bloody hell, maybe next time there's a tea bag party, not only will I go traverse the perimeter wondering what the bejeezus Glenn Grothman is muttering to himself, I'll be right up front along with "Apostle" David King shouting down them non-circumcised Philistines.*

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* Is that the next body part they're going to want to seize?


Jay Bullock said...

There are only 2 1/2 amendments that matter, at least of the first ten. You know that.

Ordinary Jill said...

What are the odds that some poor acquitted schlub's DNA will be substituted for that of a Milwaukee serial killer?

Display Name said...

DNA evidence can be faked and planted.

If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!

The defense rests.