September 20, 2009

"What did he just say?"

Tea ceremony shouter "Apostle" David King of the Milwaukee God Squad harangues the faithful yesterday:
They told us there's a separation between church and state. And if you read the Constitution, that's not in there. But then they told us there's separation from church and state. And then they had the audacity to show us how stupid we are because during election time, we allowed them non-circumcised Philistines to come in our church and talk politics.
"Apostle" King is a candidate for, of all things, Secretary of State.

Via teh YouTubes.

"The king will give great wealth to the man who kills [them non-circumcised Philistines]. He will also give him his daughter in marriage and will exempt his father's family from taxes in Israel."
— 1 Samuel 17:25 (NIV)

Yea, but verily, if them non-circumcised Philistines happened to be killed by a woman, then the contemplated marriage would be disallowed by the Wisconsin Office of the Secretary of State.

See also: Crowd size continues to grow exponentially

The grassroots organizizers had a number of registration tables set up at various entrances to the penned-in demonstration area. Why don't they just count those registrations? Can't be too difficult.

They could have ACORN do the count, for maximum effect.

The Brawler has some photos, also (scroll down).

My favorite sign was: "LIBERALS OF THE WORLD, IGNITE!," the last word being illustrated with a colorful depiction of flames.

That one wasn't annotated with a Bible verse.


Display Name said...

Will someone please talk about what fraction of the crowd might've been there not because they agreed with the speakers, but because they wanted to watch the spectacle?

Grassroots organizer tables? You mean AFP, right? Is that where they were checking to see if we were circumsized or not?

And who knew that Walgreens was hallowed ground? See, that's what's good about delusions. They keep you warm at night, they provide a few laughs when you're alone at home cleaning your gun, waiting for the Bat-Signal to appear in the sky.

illusory tenant said...

The only spectacle I witnessed was that of two career government employees (Scott Walker and David Clarke) describing how horrible the government is. Must have been a different government than the one they owe their livelihood and expense accounts to.

But I left before Malkin, who defended the forced internment of American citizens during WWII, started complaining about the government having too much power.