September 19, 2009

Man beaten at tea ceremony, says blogger

UPDATEMilwaukee paper confirms: Man, 50, suffers facial lacerations after fight breaks out at area tea party event.
"Online phenom" Michelle Malkin congratulates "angry mob."
"Then Joe the Plumber joined the tussle."

Here's some YouTube of the episode, apparently.

"Get him out of here!" they yell, and then applaud and hoot when the cops take him down. So the gummint does come in handy sometimes.

Then one dude shouts the title of a Neil Young song at him.

Hard to say whether former Republican Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is present. But, he's pretty much everywhere nowadays, isn't he.

I don't know. I cruised by on my daily 15k run and what I saw was a paunchy, sunburned man in a short-sleeved shirt wandering around backstage muttering and grunting to himself. He was wearing a plastic badge that said, "Glenn Grothman for State Senator." Then by the time I'd jogged back up the dirt incline to N. Prospect Ave. and thought about it some more, I realized that was Glenn Grothman.

I recognized him from the teevee.

Seems the Brawler stopped along also.

Me, I estimate the angry mob at around two million.


Renees Take said...

I said, pushed, grabbed, surrounded and ended up bloody under the policeman's knees. Not "beaten"... ;)

Renees Take said...

Joe the Plummer is in .44 seconds of the video a little before and after...

capper said...

2 million is an underestimation.

I was at the northern castle and there were some birthers in the field across the moat.