September 29, 2009

Chas. Sykes: Master of the Blogosphere

"Make sure you follow all the links." — Charlie Sykes

Indeed, make sure you do.

Because Charlie Sykes is publicly attributing to Chris Liebenthal a profane and abusive statement that Mr. Liebenthal in fact never made. You see, anybody can fill in the blanks with someone else's ID and leave a comment at the website in question, like so:

And, ironically, Charlie Sykes urges Mr. Liebenthal to "stay classy."

Need a lawyer, Chris?


Display Name said...

I'd say the evidence is in BadgerBlogger's hands. They could examine the IP addresses of the commenters claiming to be "Capper" in this thread and previous threads.

Sykes' burden of proof seems to be "if you see it on the Internets, it must be so." But then, he's just an entertainer, right?

I thought Haas's comment was correct: If you're not supposed to be using the Parks logo on political material, then both groups were in the wrong.

illusory tenant said...

Mr. Sykes appears to be doing a bit of scrambling, more recently posting a note from one "Bruce" asserting once again that Chris authored the remark. An admission, of sorts, that Mr. Sykes had no such evidence when he published his initial claim.

capper said...

That could be a theme song:

"I'm a capper, he's a capper, wouldn't you like to be a capper too?

Be a capper, comment at BB as a capper".

OK, so it needs work.

illusory tenant said...

So they've since acknowledged that your ID has been spoofed. Why should anybody believe, then, that the comment Charlie Sykes is still using to defame you is not a spoof as well?

capper said...

Simple. That would require mental health professionals to cure of them of their paranoid thinking first.

And they don't like health care.

The Sconz said...

Man you guys really love thist guy. I need to get in the Sykes loop. Is he as good as Mark Levin?

illusory tenant said...

Levin might know libel law better.

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own blog