August 12, 2009

You just never know, with that Obama!

No one has yet proposed a "death panel" to decide who will get care.
As a matter of fact, it reminds Prof. Esenberg of the time Barack Obama said that "John McCain was willing to fight the war in Iraq for another 100 years of war." That was, much like Sarah Palin's "death panels," also "hyperbolic and demagogic," says Esenberg.

However, unlike Sarah Palin's bizarre meanderings, Obama's characterization of McCain's prospective approval at achieving the centenary of U.S. military presence in Iraq during the "war on terror" — "That'd be fine with me," McCain had said — merits the additional opprobrium of being a "statement [that] was false."

As for Palin's "death panels"? They just haven't been assembled. Yet. In the meantime, the Palin apologetics panels are alive and well.

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