August 22, 2009

Recommend private counsel to Van Hollen

How about Kingdom Legal Services, Inc.:
However, if people want faith-based legal services, that is what they will receive from Kingdom Legal, including prayer. "If a client wanted to come in and talk about their faith, that's wonderful," Oby said. "And if a client asks us about our faith, that's great, we're going to talk about it and there are no limits and it is client driven."
Holy billable hours, Batman.

"Faith-based legal services" sounds a lot like "Christian Death Metal" (which in turn sounds a lot like faith-based Cookie Monster).

h/t The Sconz, who reveals that Kingdom Legal Services, Inc. is representing some "right wing lunatics" that were allegedly denied funding by the University of Wisconsin.

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Unknown said...

i hope they are as effective as the Christian Scientists are with their faith-based healthcare.