August 20, 2009

Mayor's alleged attacker faces some exposure

If this is correct.*

First-degree reckless injury is a Class D felony carrying a 25-year maximum prison sentence. Conviction requires causing great bodily harm plus "circumstances which show utter disregard for human life."

* eta: Ayup (.pdf; 5 pgs.). Sounds like the right charge:
[A witness] saw defendant Anthony Peters strike Mr. Barrett with the club on the back/side of Mr. Barrett’s head. When Mr. Barrett fell to the ground, defendant Anthony Peters continued to strike him in the face and head with the club. [The witness] believed that defendant Anthony Peters struck Mr. Barrett approximately six times while Mr. Barrett was on the ground [with what turned out to be an 18" tire iron].
What a prick. At least Barrett — who, if the criminal complaint's narrative is accurate, is fortunate to be alive — got one shot in.

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