August 8, 2009

Obama is going to kill the Palin baby

If nothing else, Sarah Palin has great political skills, we are assured.

Classy, also. Is it any wonder that "most of the crowd's screams for three-quarters of the evening were incomprehensible"? Because quite a few people actually take direction from the likes of Sarah Palin.

And Sarah Palin takes her own direction from Michele Bachmann.

Once upon a time, wasn't the Republican Party respectable?

It seems to me that part of its ethos used to be based on a general distrust of politicians and their rhetoric. Now it idolizes the most untrustworthy politicians and nut-right demagogues in the country.

This Wisconsin Republican is even too ashamed to admit it.


Brett said...

I wonder how many of these concerned citizens who are "voicing" their "opinions" in opposition to the health care overhaul have read their health insurance contracts lately, including the pages of conditions and exclusions that disclaim medical treatments. This so-called "rationing" of health care benefits already exists. All health insurers dictate what they will and will not cover. The AP unfortunately is just beginning to pick up on it.

I also wonder how many of these same citizens have ever had to deal with an internal insurance appeal for denial of benefits and the ensuing circus that results from the insurers' so-called "independent" (i.e. industry whore) medical examiner's justification for the denial of benefits.

illusory tenant said...

Another thing that that gets me is they couldn't find Ontario on a map, now suddenly they're all policy experts on Canadian health care.

Display Name said...

As a friend put it, they're saying Obama wants to turn Trig into Soylent Green.