August 21, 2009

Mighty hermaphrodite

Why won't Wisconsin let Caster Semenya get married?

And in other sanctity of traditional marriage news:
Jasmine Fiore, whom Ryan Jenkins had married in Las Vegas, was strangled and her teeth and nails yanked out, presumably in a hurried attempt to conceal her identity.

Jenkins was among several VH1 contestants, single men with a net worth of at least one million dollars, that expected would-be bride Megan Hauserman "would make the perfect arm candy for any man who can afford her."
Her mutilated corpse was inside a suitcase in a dumpster

How about a campaign to impose some much needed governmentally sanctioned sanctity on all those traditionally married types.


Jay Bullock said...

Absolutely disgusting. "Jasmine Fiore, whom Ryan Jenkins had married ..."

Good thing I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

illusory tenant said...

Hey, aren't you on vacation from teaching English?

Jay Bullock said...

English teachers are never off-duty. We're like cops that way.