August 17, 2009

Local wingnut quote of the day

Never mind that [Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett] chose not to intervene physically to defend the woman that was being attacked.
But see:

Mayor intervenes physically to defend woman who was being attacked

So, yeah, never mind that. When you're a local wingnut.

The local wingnut was also surprised that Mayor Barrett hadn't invited his attacker to a cup of coffee and a few choruses of Kumbaya, as that is what's demanded by the liberal activist judges these days.

Fortunately the mayor will recover, which might be more than could be said for the fate of the woman had it not been for his intervening.

Barrett's actions also led to the suspect's arrest yesterday. He'll likely be appearing shortly before a Milwaukee County circuit judge, who will softly sing Kumbaya to the defendant, just like they always do.

In wingnut-world, that is.

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