August 6, 2009

"I possess skills" — McIlheran

"I'm not gone," assures the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's resident "Pajamas Media" surrogate and all-'round guide to good reading on the web, Patrick McIlheran, who is also not a Nazi.

"Rumors are flying," McIlheran avers, that he's been "dumped," accusing an unnamed "lefty blogger" of "jubilating" at the prospect.

Not exactly.

The Brew City Brawler was reacting to corporate HQ's own news that McIlheran's hard copy column was soon to occupy less editorial hole.

Presumably the jubilating was in hopes that the paper might find something more worthwhile to make up for the missing McIlheran.

More Rick Esenberg, for example, the only human being with a law degree in Milwaukee and environs capable of penning political op-ed pieces, and who Patrick McIlheran wishes he was as smart as.

But we all trust that Mr. McIlheran stays on in his more constructive capacities, like attacking his own paper's ever-dwindling readership.

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