May 13, 2009

What's he building in there?

Through May 13, 2009, embattled judge Michael Gableman has authored one majority opinion and one concurrence/dissent.

By this time in 2005, Gableman's predecessor Justice Louis Butler had written four majority opinions, seven concurring opinions, three dissenting opinions, and one opinion concurring in part and dissenting in part. Fifteen written opinions, for those keeping score.

The court seems to have lost a decidedly independent thinker.

What's He Building In There?Tom Waits


grumps said...

He's been busy on the phone.

Display Name said...

Two? They let him write two?

They've got to get better at rigging the poker chip draw.

Anonymous said...

Judicial slacktivism

Anonymous said...

Ever think to account for the fact that there was a significantly greater number of cases argued in the 2004-05 term, thus more opinions to write?

illusory tenant said...

What's significant is the number of separate opinions, which is why I said "independent thinker."