May 21, 2009

Faith in the news

Testimony from the trial of Leilani Neumann, the Marathon County woman whose delusional beliefs include that physical illnesses are either the result of "sin" or else a "test" from "the Lord."

Neumann is charged with second degree reckless homicide for relying on prayer to cure her 11-year-old daughter of diabetes, the symptoms of which were evident for weeks — if not months — before the child died. She also believed prayer would bring the dead child back to life.
"Because God created everyone, and how can we be more powerful than God?" Leilani Neumann's other daughter testified. "He is all control. That is what we believe. We go to him with our problems because he is the one orchestrating everything. Why should we diss him and think a doctor would be more powerful than God or trust a doctor more than God?"
These people have obviously learned nothing, and according to this testimony, they would cause another death, given the opportunity.

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