May 23, 2009

Convicted mom is defiant, accusatory

This trial did not afford the opportunity to tell our side of the story. Every story has two sides. We did not enjoy the liberties of due process.
Yet Leilani Neumann decided — or at least participated in the decision — to neither testify nor to call any witnesses in her defense.
I didn't realize it would be a crime to pray for my daughter. I didn't realize the medical experts for the prosecution would consider me a medical expert concerning my daughter's condition. I have never read a medical book, I do not watch TV, and therefore have never seen a medical show. I do not know what a coma is, nor was I saying this word.
"The real issue is our government is anti-God."

This doesn't exactly come across like the statement of a person who understands the nature of the charge brought against them.

Leilani's stepfather says he's not happy with how the investigation and trial was handled, and the family plans on filing a legal action against the prosecution and judge.
That could mean a couple of things. They've fired their attorney, and/or they're going to be preparing one of those crazy Posse Comitatus-style lawsuits, the scourge of Wisconsin prosecutors.

The latter would resonate perfectly with the "No King But Jesus" tenor of Leilani Neumann's written statement released today.

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