May 8, 2009

Nut-right darling on "empathy"

If you were German, would you be in favor of a law "to relieve the distress of the German people and nation"? That was the law that gave Hitler dictatorial power.
Also sprach nut-right darling Thomas Sowell.

Too many people are unfamiliar with the expression "Godwin's Law." Therefore I propose the more clearly illustrative, "Designated Hitler."

As in, 'Nut-right fielder Sowell entered the game as a pinch runner while his designated Hitler stepped to the plate.'

Thomas Sowell is, not incidentally, a special favorite of Patrick McIlheran, "one of the most brilliant conservative writers of our era."

By the way, has the Journal-Sentinel hired anyone to counter Patrick McIlheran's bullshit yet? Or has McIlheran ever published a retraction?

Of course not. McIlheran's easy defense is: 'I don't really write anything, I just link to this crap at National Review Online.'

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