May 14, 2009

Hate kills the soul

Says Pope.

Popes are fond of speaking in metaphysical terms that simply assume the existence of all manner of non-objective entities, like "hate" and "soul" and "kills."* But I think what B-16 is trying to say here is, in order to better preserve the integrity of one's cardiopulmonary system against — for example — unnecessary adrenaline production, read Sadly, No! and Wonkette instead of National Review Online.

* That a "soul" may be "killed" contains a multiplicity of assumptions.


Display Name said...

Oh, no, he was promoting the "Coexist" bumperstickers, too:

"I urge people of goodwill in both communities to repair the damage that has been done, and in fidelity to our common belief in one God, the Father of the human family, to work to build bridges and find the way to a peaceful coexistence."

illusory tenant said...

Not the "pure genius" version, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. I've read this SN! post a dozen times. It's...Joycean.