May 12, 2009

Gableman tries to avoid public hearing

Patrick Marley* reports:
"The text does not say that offense was committed because Louis Butler succeeded in reversing his conviction," wrote Eric McLeod, Gableman's attorney. "While that may be an inference a given person might draw, the actual statement says Mr. Mitchell 'went on' to commit another offense."
Exists there a vernier caliper capable of measuring the width of that particular slice of baloney?

As I predicted, Gableman would seem to be admitting to the "aspirational" portion of the Supreme Court ethics rule at issue.

And "a given person might"? Would you believe practically every person did, including — most notably — Michael Gableman himself.

That was the whole point of the teevee ad.

Don't drop the ball, WJC.

* Marley appears to be the only reporter in the entire State of Wisconsin following this important story.

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