May 7, 2009

Play him out, keyboard cat!

"The Journal-Sentinel's Patrick McIlheran — one of the most brilliant conservative writers of our era." — Badger Blogger
The other one is K-Lo.


Clutch said...

The other one is K-Lo.

Great comment thread.

Best summation:

Heros of the religious right:

The proud parents of a lesbian, who reserve their offense for being reminded publicly of the fact by a Democrat.

The mother of an unwed pregnant teenage daughter.

A nudie pinup girl who hates the gays.

Display Name said...

And the difference between the side-boob pic and the pageant's bikini prancing is what?

illusory tenant said...

Trump not getting a piece of the action.

grumps said...

So to speak.

Other Side said...

I have only one thing to say for the author (Bruce) who proclaims McIlheran's greatness -- sniff sniff. And, wipe your nose.

Bruce said...

@ Tim Rock: Ack!(Laughing uncontrollably) Man, that Bill the Cat cracks me up.

You're a tool, Tim.