October 20, 2011

Wisconsin Reporter swiped a training packet

Pursuant to Wisconsin Reporter's chicanery, a reader asks:
Did [the reporter] take one of those packets for volunteers, when there were too few for volunteers? Did she offer to compensate the organization for the cost, in line with the Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics re freebies?
Evidently the reporter did the former:
Organizer Nick Niles announced that they had run out of training packets and asked people to share.
The embedded link to the Democratic Party's training packet is hosted at Statehousemedia.com, which is Wisconsin Reporter's proprietor. So even though Niles announced there were not enough packets for all of the volunteers, the reporter, who was not a volunteer, took one anyway.


Albeit marginally, this reporter was interfering with the recall effort.

And, according to the reporter's own account, knowingly.


morninmist said...

They are deceitful--just like their boss Walker!

illusory tenant said...

This is the sort of thing the Bradley Foundation funds. And the Bradley Foundation's president, Michael Grebe, was Walker's campaign chairman.

gnarlytrombone said...

Another journamalist chimes in: "Wisconsin Democrats are taking heat for kicking a reporter..."

illusory tenant said...

Democrats are holding serveral organizing meetings ...

Little did they know the server was leased with Bradley cash.