October 12, 2011

Ron Johnson: 19 political opponents imprisoned

The State director for U.S. millionaire Senator Ron Johnson refused to allow the group access to the building. A mounted police officer and more than a dozen other officers armed with billyclubs and carrying plastic handcuffs arrived shortly afterward.
Ironic Ron Johnson enjoys protections of an Article III courthouse
Unfortunately, those who came to my Milwaukee office were more interested in scoring political points than discussing issues. They chose not to meet with my staff, but instead to be disorderly, which unfortunately resulted in their arrest by law enforcement. — Statement of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson
If "citizen legislator" RoJo is going to be making laws, then he should at least understand what the law means before accusing other folks of breaking it. Nobody was being "disorderly." Their alleged transgression was trespassing and they haven't even been charged with that.

They were arrested simply for Ron Johnson's convenience.

Flashback: Team Johnson in action abridging rivals' political speech


OneidaHeights said...

Beautiful youtube find on Ron Johnson

Anonymous said...

Explain to the public how a citizen can be "trespassing" in a public building where an elected representative has an office that's supposed to be open to the public. The real trespassers are RonCo Johnson and his anti-democratic, plutocratic, authoritarian ilk. Well, RonCo, you may be occupying your Senate office, but we're occupying the streets. Enjoy the view, jerk-face.

morninmist said...

I hope they get a good lawyer.