October 3, 2011

Another case for supervisory/original jurisdiction

Petition of Clarke

Milwaukee County sheriff has nowhere to go:
"I have been advised that the matter is closed, and my ability to learn what facts or methodology the Commission used in reaching that decision is confidential. No. Not in my world."
Well, Sheriff Clarke's ability to learn facts isn't confidential, but the Wisconsin Judicial Commission's pre-formal complaint deliberations are:
All proceedings under ss. 757.81 to 757.99 relating to misconduct prior to the filing of a petition or formal complaint by the commission are confidential unless a judge or circuit or supplemental court commissioner waives the right to confidentiality in writing to the commission. — § 757.93(1)(a)
That may not conform to the sheriff's personal world but it is the law.

Clearly, a case for supervisory/original jurisdiction.

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