October 23, 2011

Can't get enough WPRI? Try the Journal-Sentinel.

Today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has not one but two columns by Wisconsin Policy Research Institute "senior fellows," neither of which identify WPRI for the right-wing Bradley Foundation-funded Republican Party/Scott Walker shill that it is. In fact the president of the Bradley Foundation, Michael Grebe, was Scott Walker's campaign chairman.

WPRI also has a magazine of its own, which is edited by right-wing radio shouter Charlie Sykes. Charlie Sykes is also an employee of Journal Communications, Inc., which owns the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

And the Journal-Sentinel endorsed Scott Walker for governor of Wisconsin, despite the paper's occasional quarter-hearted editorial page objections to Walker and his henchpeople's policies. Just so you know.


capper said...

Now, now, the Journal Communications, Inc. is an equal opportunity type of company.

Not only do they give us the WPRI talking points as you have pointed out, but just yesterday, they had on their radio station none other than Brian Fraley, who is in the employment of the Koch Brothers-funded MacGuyver Institute.

See, they run both kinds of opinion - Bradley Foundation AND Koch Brothers.

I hear that they are also going to change the format of their FM station to play both kinds of music - country and western.

illusory tenant said...

And a third column by your buddy A-Rod hero-worshiping Milton Friedman.

capper said...

And not one disclaimer amongst the lot of them.

John Foust said...

Journal Communications, Inc. stock was $20 in 2/04, was 49 cents in 3/06, and today it's $3.82. They do it for the shareholders.