October 29, 2011

PolitiFactWisc v. Bloggers

Chris Liebenthal explains.

This quibbling over semantics is where PolitiFact occasionally puts its foot in it. The fact is that both Walker and his lieutenant accepted the pay raises associated with their offices and since that acceptance have been raging against their colleagues in the public employ, most recently freezing all the other public employees' compensation for two years.

One thing nobody mentioned, however, is that J.B. Van Hollen, one of the constitutional officers who succeeded to the same office he held before the pay increase, did literally get a raise. And J.B. Van Hollen is the only one who's staged an industrial action known as work-to-rule.

Here's a video of Van Hollen shouting at a Tea Party.

eta: One of Liebenthal's periodic tormentors calls it "Governor Walker's pay raise," or exactly what the tormentor is supposedly arguing it isn't.


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