October 23, 2011

Gonna need to double down on the torts reform

Wisconsin will fall far short of adding the 250,000 new private-sector jobs by 2015 that Scott Walker promised as a key part of his successful election campaign. — by the Associated Press
"Pledged," not just promised, I believe it was:*
Mike Gousha: Is this [pledge to create 250,000 jobs] a campaign promise, something you wanna be held to?

Scott Walker: Absolutely. ... To me, 250,000 jobs is a minimum.
Hold him to it.

* "Scott Walker Discusses His Pledge to Create 250,000 Jobs."

1 comment:

CJ said...

Hypocrite, liar, willfully ignorant and a carreer politican.

I know. It's the "carreer politician" lable that REALLY bothers him.....