October 18, 2011

Those bloody lawyers, always with the law

Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Sacred Institution) said he thought his bill would sail through the hearing, until he realized there were three attorneys on the committee. Two maintained that his bill would make it easier, not more difficult, to victimize a spouse.

Put a teevee reporter in charge of lawmaking, this is what you get.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch's own spouse, incidentally, is currently Wisconsin's lieutenant-governor, who famously likened same-sex couples to dogs.

It's good to know the deep thinkers are running the show over there.


gnarlytrombone said...

He does have legal experience, though: "As a reporter at WISN-TV, he CNN to discuss the trial of Mark Chmura"

[sic], not for the illiteracy, but for putting a talkback with Greta van Susterenenen on one's wikiresume.

Ordinary Jill said...

My favorite quote from the article is "During the debate over the bill, Hebl increasingly began to take on the appearance of a man who was beating his head against a wall."