March 30, 2010

Trucks carrying Scott Walker BS damaged bridge

Loads blew the dial clean off the gauge
Tea-Republican assented to construction priorities in 2007

It's noteworthy that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel would run seven paragraphs worth of third-party attestations to the alleged political brilliance of Scott Walker without once mentioning Walker's failure to dissent from the construction schedule, that the Zoo Interchange is in Walker's Milwaukee County bailiwick but outside Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett's, or the fact that Walker could have been every bit as — or more — aware of the bridges' advancing decrepitude as Barrett.

Yet Scott Walker lifted not a finger, nor uttered one word. So which set of evaluations is more germane to the Statewide responsibilities Walker seeks: the political, or the managerial. It should be the latter.

The distinct scent of Walker effluvia is familiar:
Neither Scott Walker nor anyone from his staff contacted rail equipment manufacturer Talgo to ask them to consider the Super Steel facility before the company made its decision, Talgo executive Ferran Canals told committee members.
Disappearing news.

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