March 18, 2010

Call a podiatrist, Scott Walker's been shot

Then-assemblyman Scott Walker voted for the no-bid provision

Maybe Scott Walker's disciples are impervious, but:
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is requesting that assembly of the trains Wisconsin agreed to purchase earlier this month be done at the Super Steel plant in Milwaukee. — 07/29/09

As for the no-bid provision in the Wisconsin statutes, it was fashioned under former Republican governor Tommy Thompson expressly for rail equipment destined for Amtrak service.

And the Doyle administration did do a preliminary evaluation of Talgo's competitors' products. But if they can't meet the engineering specifications required for conformance with an existing rail route, then there's not much point in asking them to submit an estimate.

Besides, Scott Walker buys buses from Canada. With federal stimulus money (which for another Republican, sets up a Caribbean cruise).

It's tough to lose a contract, but that's the invisible hand for ya.

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capper said...

Best. Title. Evah.

Zach W. said...

I saw the title in my feed reader and spit Cherry Pepsi out of my nose.