March 12, 2010

Feingold on that WPRI polling "fiasco"

"As has been widely reported, WPRI is a group with strong Republican ties, most prominently to Tommy Thompson. As the Associated Press reported last week there have been serious questions about WPRI manipulating polling results so the media and voters should think twice about the credibility of WPRI's polling." — Feingold spokesman Trevor Miller
Veteran Wisconsin poll watcher Bill Christofferson notes that another Republican hopeful appears to be trending rapidly toward complete obscurity since daring to question the age of the Earth:
Bad news for Terrence Wall. In a recent Rasmussen poll, GOP Senate candidate Terrence Wall had 69% name recognition. But in the WPRI poll it had slipped to 18%. Do you think maybe someone's numbers are a little off?
xoff: We Prop up Republican Ideologues

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Political Science disavowed its relationship with WPRI in early February.

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