March 10, 2010

Prelate questions motives of victims' group

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki said he refused to meet with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests because SNAP has "politicized" the discussion of clergy sex abuse. "I'm concerned with the healing," he said. "And I'm not too sure the issues brought forth by SNAP are about healing."
There's no mention of the obvious follow-up inquiries:

According to what calculus does Abp. Listecki go about determining that "politicizing" — whatever that's supposed to mean — is not itself part of the healing process for victims of clergy sexual abuse?

Are those victims not entitled to some deference, some benefit of the doubt, when it comes to healing the wounds inflicted through and by the institution for which Listecki is now a top representative?

If it's anger pursuant to their profound sense of betrayal by the institution that leads them toward broader "political" concerns, then I would reckon they're allowed to harbor a certain measure of it.

If the JSOnline reader comments are any indication, Mr. Listecki isn't eliciting much sympathy for his own position. Which is not surprising.

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illusory tenant said...

Free Lunch said...

The Roman Catholic Church seems to think that appointing folks who are only in it for themselves will somehow reform things. Ha.

Listecki seems to be a complete jerk. Unless the Pope is amazingly stupid or just incredibly stubborn, I would expect Listecki not to remain in this position until he is seventy. He's far too much trouble for the Church.

2:42 PM, March 10, 2010