December 12, 2008

Some kind of tincture, then?

Can't say I'd care much for harvesting it.


Display Name said...

Just another fine example of technology displacing a traditional farming task.

But there's still a trick to it, as it says at the link: "It is not simply a matter of punching buttons and turning knobs, but requires finesse in determining the proper timing and amplitude of pulses to apply to a given male."

In this way, electroejaculation is similar to provoking discussion at your average conservative blog.

illusory tenant said...


Great, more hits here for Googling perverts.

Display Name said...

Oh, no, I knew about electroejaculation before I googled for it.

capper said...

Sykes writes by not bull semen alone.

I prefer an ink pen myself.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Naked Sarah Palin electroejaculation download video free

You're welcome

illusory tenant said...

Stop that!