December 12, 2008

Slow news day

And I'm talkin' sloooow. You make one semi-facetious, passing reference to a "press release," and look what happens:
Some liberal bloggers get all a-flutter ... "Our" Rick Esenberg* is having fun, however, with instacritics who were all primed to start sniping.
J-S editorial board member Patrick McIlheran
Rick Esenberg thought about a run for state Supreme Court against Shirley Abrahamson but decided against it. He takes on other bloggers who went after him.
J-S editorial board member David Haynes
Two major metropolitan daily editorial board members!
And "all a-flutter"? "Went after him"? Pure fantasy.
(For the discriminating reader.)

Xoff: Non-Judge Esenberg's decision reaffirmed as correct

* No relation to Oor Wullie.


capper said...

I thought I was the famous one. I'm just a piker compared to the likes of you.

illusory tenant said...

Yeah, well, you get the link love and I get "some liberal blogger."