December 30, 2008

Bush apologia of the year

McIlheran outdoes even himself:
Some prisoners are paraded naked by renegade MPs, who are promptly prosecuted and their superiors canned, and that’s what’s got you all worked up, Ms. Goodman?
Really! How could you, Mrs. Dick?

True enough, however, if what you mean by "canned" is "awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom" like Gen. Richard B. Myers, or perhaps "appointed for life to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit" like Jay S. Bybee.*

"This is op-ed. Not journalism," quips a commenter.

And that's in defense of McIlheran.

* The notorious Bybee Memo arguably sweeps within its "mental suffering" ambit the forced reading of Mr. McIlheran's blog posts.


capper said...

I have noticed that many of the comments are more damning and sharper of tone. I give credit to PaddyMac for letting them through.

The thing that torques my crown is that I am the one that is blocked, and I have left no comments that would come close to those, especially that "sherpstein" or whatever his/her name is.

illusory tenant said...

Just register another account. Or complain to Sonya.

Bert said...

I finally saw the documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side" just two days ago. I knew this from other sources already, but the film makes obvious just how bankrupt and laughable is this nonetheless persistent defense of folks like McIlheran. As if the tortue and sexual humiliation started and ended with these trailer trash privates who up and went rogue all on their own.

Isn't nausea, like apologia, a Latin word?