December 15, 2008

E. coli, by Lagerfeld

The View's token conservative Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck offers a combined biology/cosmology lesson:
I always think of it like this when someone says, 'Do you believe in a designer, do you believe God created the world or is it evolution.' I always think: You look at a great bag, right, and you say, 'Oh my goodness, who's the designer?' You look at a pair of shoes you like and you say, 'Who's the designer? I love those shoes; they're perfect, they're gorgeous.'
It's unclear whomever said evolution "created the world."

h/t and disclaimers: Sadly, No!


grumps said...

Emo Phillips on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design on the Bob and Tom Show: "When deciding between two competing theories, always go with the one that doesn't involve a magic spell."

Display Name said...

"E. coli, by Lagerfeld"... His new perfume? Smells like ass.