December 15, 2008

Gableman free speech claims dismissed

For now, at least. This is a bit odd:
The judicial conduct panel adjudicating the Hon. Michael J. Gableman ethics case have [sic] made a ruling.

The judges sitting on the panel have dismissed Gableman's counterclaim, filed earlier this year.

They said that Gableman should instead file a response to the initial motion against him before January 5.
The counterclaims were contained in that portion of Gableman's Nov. 19 answer to the Wisconsin Judicial Commission's Oct. 7 complaint consisting of Gableman's legal attack against the State judicial ethics rule on First Amendment (freedom of speech) grounds.

Gableman responded to all of the allegations in the Commission's complaint and in addition argued an affirmative defense and filed the counterclaims, all within one document. Almost certainly Gableman will refile the counterclaims separately.

But will Indiana's James Bopp, Jr. get to bill him two times?

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