December 28, 2007

Unusual Pakistanis

On MSNBC's “Morning Joe” today, Mike Huckabee spoke approvingly of Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto and another former Prime Minister and political opponent of President Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif: “While Bhutto probably brought the most pro-American position, both she and Sharif brought essentially centrist and secular perspectives to the government.”

But just a couple of weeks ago, Huckabee, stumping in Utah for a presidency of his own, told a gaggle of Baptist preachers, “I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ.”

So Pakistan, which is 97% Muslim, should be governed by secular politicians, whereas the United States needs to be “taken back for Christ” by its leaders, despite being only 76% Christian (78% if you count Mormons, which Huckabee probably doesn't).

Arrogance, or clueless naïveté? The latter, more likely, given that Huckabee went on to criticize Musharraf for failing to control Pakistan's eastern border with Afghanistan. Except Pakistan's eastern border is with India. It borders Afghanistan (and Iran) to the west.

He also warned of “unusual activities by Pakistanis” entering the U.S., and yesterday offered “apologies” to the people of Pakistan after Bhutto's assassination.

Later today, a high ranking Huckabee spin doctor admitted that the candidate has “no foreign policy credentials.” Somewhat amazingly, Huckabee leads a recent LA Times/Bloomberg poll by 36 to 28 percentage points over his closest rival, Mitt Romney, going into the Iowa GOP caucus next Thursday.

Iowa is on the eastern border of Wisconsin, where unusual activities by Republicans have been reported.


Anonymous said...

And n% of Republicans are supporting this guy, where n>0, because why, again?

Holy flurking schnit.

AutismNewsBeat said...

I'm more concerned with Michigan boat people.