December 6, 2007

In Effect effectively checks out

But not permanently, hopefully.

One of the more thoughtful and well written contributions to the Wisconsin blogosphere (which perhaps isn't saying much, given that the BNN local feed features roughly 90% regurgitant wingnuttery) is going into semi-retirement.

The proprietor of In Effect, Seth Zlotocha, who has been entertaining and informing on local issues for nearly two years, is heading back to the real world in pursuit of a doctorate in history.

While we'll all be the poorer without In Effect's regular observations, we shouldn't be so selfish as to wish to deny Seth's pursuit of more meaningful goals.

So, best wishes to Seth Zlotocha in getting that advanced degree.

The one saving grace is that Rick Esenberg will be afforded fewer opportunities to misspell Mr. Zlotocha's name.

1 comment:

Seth Zlotocha said...

Thanks, IT. I appreciate it.